Whether you need to run errands, or just want to have a relaxing time at the mall, Happy Kids Club offers a high quality babysitting service for children under 4 years old.

Highest quality of care

Our caring and certified nanny will accompany your child ensuring maximum safety to ease your busy schedule as a parent.

Best assistance and service

It is important that your babysitter knows what engages your child and what games interest them.

Babysitting Rates

1 child / 2hrs

1 babysitter

2 hours babysitting

2 children / 2hrs

1 babysitter

2 hours babysitting

3 children / 2hrs

2 babysitters

2 hours babysitting

1 child / 10hrs

1 babysitters

10 hours babysitting

Drop off your kids and enjoy shopping. Book now!